At the forefront of advanced composites technologies

Founded in 1985, CMI pioneered the use of advanced composite structures in neurological surgery, interventional neuroradiology, orthopedic surgery, urological surgery, general surgery, and Radiolucent patient positioning applications.


CMI develops specialized proprietary technologies to produce carbon fiber composite parts and systems of complex geometry with high structural and cosmetic requirements. Capabilities were developed internally and evolved CMI into a vertically integrated manufacturer of complete products and systems delivered to the market. As a result we have developed strategic partnerships with American Sterilizer Corporation, Steris Corporation, 3M Corporation, Berchtold Corporation, Stryker Corporation, with current relationships spanning three decades.  

In addition to the medical markets served, CMI has developed and supplied systems to U.S. Military Special Warfare Command, USMC, US Army, automotive industries, motorsports industries, aerospace industry and the marine industry.


Vertically integrated resources encompass CAD/CAM/CIM, FEA, QMS, mold design, mold fabrication, 3/4/5 Axis CAM division, manual machining department, extreme pressure molding department, composite layup department, assembly department, testing department, engineering R&D facilities, rapid prototyping, and 3-D structural printing.

CMI partners with clients to develop, fabricate, manufacture and deliver commercialized products to the market in a rapid cycle while ensuring quality and safety. A successful business model for 34 years reflects a proven track record for both CMI and its strategic partners.


Founder & CEO Roger J. Malcolm, holds a Master of Science Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Subsequent to introduction of the neurosurgical system, Roger has developed numerous surgical and imaging products, including radiolucent orthopedic operating table systems, patient support structures, mammographic X-Ray imaging grid systems, abdominal X-Ray scanning grid systems, robotically controlled X-Ray systems, Frameless Stereotactic Surgical Systems. Technology developed to produce radiolucent composite structures has also been employed in aerospace, marine, automotive and military industries and markets.

Roger currently holds multiple patents along with trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and intellectual property in the medical and engineering fields.

Developed the “Malcolm-Rand Microneurosurgical CXF-1 Cranio-X-Ray Frame” in 1985.


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