What makes carbon fiber different from other radiolucent materials we utilize in the hospital?

Carbon fiber is a super strong plastic material that does not block x-rays or gamma rays and is non-magnetic. Because of carbon fiber's high strength and light weight, it is an ideal material of choice for patient positioning devices that must be in the imaging field. Carbon fiber does not corrode or absorb moisture and id therefore a very durable material. In general, carbon fiber is 1/3 the weight of Aluminum and five times stronger,1/5 the weight of Steel and up to 3 times stronger.
Carbon fiber is virtually "invisible" to X-rays and does not interfere with MRI equipment. The benefit of carbon fiber over other plastic materials is the inherent stiffness of carbon fiber, which maintains the position of devices constructed with carbon fiber.Plastic materials are flexible and would require very thick sections to adequately support the same load as a thin carbon fiber structure.

The ability to image directly thru carbon fiber equipment is a major advantage in reducing time required for anatomy in obtaining optimum view angles.
Radiolucency (X-ray attenuation compared to other products and decreased radiation exposure to patient and staff)         

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